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The Qualatex Education Tour is back to rock your world – the whole world!

Qualatex is hitting the road with a rock star lineup of instructors, brand new classes, and exciting networking opportunities. Enjoy exclusive backstage access to the most sought-after industry event as we tour major cities all around the world. Join us for an international tour full of valuable designs and techniques that’ll amp up your business!

India Tour Dates

Delhi: October 8-9, 2017

Instructors Luc Bertrand, CBA & Dominic Cassidy, CBA       

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UAE Tour Dates

Dubai: Octoer 3-4, 2017

Instructors Luc Bertrand, CBA & Dominic Cassidy, CBA

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Mystery Box Competition

Are you ready for a competition that will stretch your creativity to its limits? Each stop on the Q-Tour will offer delegates a chance to compete in the Mystery Box Competition. Contestants are given a box of balloons to create an innovative, eye-catching design in the span of only 30 minutes, and may compete as an individual entry or as teams of 2. The top entry of each stop on the tour will receive a prize and advance to compete with the winners of all the other tour stops. A grand prize will be awarded to the world champion. Only 10 entries are allowed per stop, so sign up today for this epic competition!


  • Competition Objective

    Create a celebration design that can be easily delivered to a customer using balloons supplied in the Mystery Box
    Show off your creativity and skills using a fantastic selection of balloons. The design can be air-filled, helium-filled, or both. The choice is yours!

    The top entry of each stop on the tour will receive a prize and advance to compete with the winners of all other tour stops. A grand prize will be give awarded to the world champion.

    Themes will NOT be disclosed prior to the competitions.

    Don’t forget to read the judging guidelines below!


  • Competition Brief

    Each competitor will be supplied with a Mystery Box. Each box will contain the same selection of balloons, but it is not a requirement to use all the balloons within the box.

    The Mystery Box competition for each location will be limited to 10 entries with a maximum of two people working on each entry. Competitors have a 30 minute time limit to complete their entry, and there is no fee to enter.

    In addition, there will be a Balloon Store where limited additional balloons will be available on the accessories table. This will include 160Qs, 260Qs, 350Qs, 646Qs, Deco Bubbles, 5" White, 5" Black, 12" Blush Quick Links and any other balloons that could compliment your design. It is not a requirement to use any of these balloons; they are available for those who wish to use them.

    The accessories table will also supply Hi-Float, balloon ribbons in various colors, balloon weights, and helium tanks with inflators suitable for inflating foil, latex, and Bubble Balloons.

    There are limited items at the Balloon Store. Therefore, it is important that they are selected carefully and not simply taken. Items selected from the Balloon Store must be used or returned to the store to give other competitors the opportunity to use, if needed. Points can be deducted from a competitor’s score for items not used during the competition that were taken from the Balloon Store and not returned.

  • Judging Guidelines
    1. Overall Impression: Visual impact, originality, uniqueness. Does the celebration design clearly express the sentiment so that it is immediately apparent what the occasion is? Does the display have a strong visual impact so it demands attention when it’s brought into a room? Is the design exciting, pleasing to the eye with a newness of style, or uses a concept created along new or unconventional lines? Does the display offer a feeling of professionalism and creativity?
    2. Overall Design: Have elements and principles of design (color, balance, rhythm, line, proportion, and scale) been applied and used effectively?
    3. Construction: Is the design stable and durable for transportation? Does the design demonstrate high quality of work and meet professional standards? Are all mechanics well hidden? Will the design last for more than 48 hours?
    4. Use of balloons: Has the competitor created a design that uses a good selection of the Mystery Box balloons in an exciting and creative way?
    5. Unity & Harmony: Do all the elements appear to belong together, resulting in a strong sense of oneness?
    6. Adherence to Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines: Was Smart Balloon Practices followed? Was the design completed within the allotted time? Did all unused items get returned to the Balloon Store?
  • Competitor Supply Responsibilities
    • Hand pumps
    • Scissors
    • Markers and pens
    • Wire and tape
    • Any non-balloon related accessories you may be able to use with your design, however, box themes will not be disclosed prior to the competitions.
  • Registration Details

    There is no cost to register, but entrants must be registered to attend the accompanying Q-Tour class.

    Registration for the Mystery Box Competition will open for each location when class registration opens.

    Contact your local office for more information.