Aleks Hernandez Presents Giant Sculptures & Designs

icon-mapRishon Le Zion, Israel

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Join us for this two-day session.

Day 1 Session 1 - Walls & Textures 
We will learn to build awesome walls with rich textures using Waikify Software, where you will learn using an App to get quantity of balloons, pieces to inflate and how to build step by step, with an awesome design ready to use as background.

Day 1 Session 2 - Giant Babies
A lovely class to create new trending cute characters, easy to build and how to design your own characters. Using innovative techniques to create all the elements with simplicity but high impact. We will be joining our characters to the wall to have a full design, an outstanding end to day one of the workshop. 

Day 2 Session 3 - Lovely Frames to Shine
The new creation of Nelly & Aleks to innovative techniques, apply glitter and fabric to foils and bubbles to make lovely effects, and use them to build incredible portable frames, your clients will be so happy with this designs.

Day 2 Session 4 - Wearable Mascots
Ready to have lots of fun dancing inside of characters made entirely of balloons?… we will learn how to build and connect advanced pieces of quick links to create outstanding designs.

Instructors: Aleks Hernandez & Nelly Mildred

Participating Distributor: Happiness is Us

Location: Teatro Bar, Sderot Yosef Lishansky Street 27, Rishon Le Zion, Israel 

To book tickets please contact Happiness is Us on: Nataly - 0524202404 / Ida - 0528232909 / Gilboa - 0526900073.

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