Theme: Crazy for Daisies!

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If you're looking for balloons that evoke feelings of cheerfulness, warmth, and joy... look no further! These daisy balloon options in latex and Microfoil are perfect for Spring holidays and events such as Easter and Mother's Day. 

These versatile flowers also symbolize new beginnings, making them a perfect theme for new baby decor and deliverables. 

From Boho, to retro (think 1960's), or even classic decor, the daisy theme is always a crowd pleaser. Some fun sayings to integrate into invitations, personalized balloons or backdrops include:

  • "Name" is TWO Groovy!
  • "Name" is One! (use the daisy as the "O")
  • Four-Ever Groovy (use the daisy as the "O")
  • Baby in Bloom
  • In a world full of roses, be a daisy.

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