They happen every day. In fact, approximately 17.7 million people worldwide are celebrating a birthday on any given day of the year. So there's no better investment you can make than to expand your design repertoire and promote your balloon business capabilities! Read on for tons of inspiration and marketing assets to help.

Marketing Resources

Whether it's online or in-person, Qualatex posters, lifestyle images, and social media assets help you communicate with your existing and potential customers.

View the special Birthday Booster collection here, featuring the new Qualatex designs with Cute Puppy, Cute Holstein Cow, Colorful Smiles, Game Controller, Ballerina Slippers, Dump Truck, and more!


6 Fun Party Ideas with Balloons!

It simply isn't a party without balloons! Add these six quick & easy ideas to your birthday party look book as add-ons to traditional party decor for a quick business boost!

Stuffing Balloon Gifts

Stuffing Balloon Gifts are a fantastic way to deliver anything from stuffed animals, jewelry, and even cash to the birthday boy or girl, and they serve as decor for the party!

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Mini Bouquets

Pack maximum fun and character into a small and easy-to-assemble deliverable! Bonus: they're easy to make in advance and have ready for cash & carry customers! 

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Pop Drops

Take the traditional Gumball balloon filled with smaller balloons, add confetti and other treats, and turn it upside down to hang it from the ceiling! The more the merrier! Decorate a stick with a pointed end to coordinate with the balloons and you have a POPPING good time ahead.

Learn how to make them!

Photo Op

Every party deserves an Insta-worthy moment! Complete the celebration with a balloon photo op!

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Balloon Candy Cups

Offer these cute add-ons as a replacement for party bags! 

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Balloon Headbands

Everyone loves these whimsical headbands, made popular by Cam & Eve on Happy Hour! Use twisted latex and/or Qualatex air-fill balloons for designs that coordinate with the party theme. Great for photo ops!

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Party Themes

Filled with suggested products, videos, marketing assets, and Instagram inspiration, these pages are sure to inspire!

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Happy Hour with Cam & Eve

Watch their new Birthday episode with more inspiring designs!

Birthday Fun for Kids

Inspire the next generation of Qualatex Balloon artists by teaching them how to make a balloon dog!

Coloring Sheets

These fun Qualatex balloon inspired coloring sheets are a simple add-on to children's birthday parties!

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