Learn how to create a charming gift option for your customers with stuffing balloons.

Whether you're simply creating a "balloon within a balloon" design, or stuffing treats, gifts, or other treasures inside, the Stuffing Balloon is a gift that leaves people asking "how did they do that?" Qualatex 18" round Diamond Clear stuffing balloons are the trick to providing customers with a quality design that will last!

For extra value, personalize the latex stuffing balloon. This Q Corner episode demonstrates several methods

How to Make

These videos show just how easy it is to stuff and inflate the balloons.

Perfect for Any Occasion!

Balloon Characters

Use a stuffing balloon as the "belly" of a balloon character to add even more value to your design!

More Inspiration

Stuffing Ideas

  • Children's Birthday: stuffed animals, small toys, candy
  • Engagement/Love: Engagement ring, jewelry, bottle of wine
  • Congratulations/Graduation: Lottery tickets, gift cards, cash
  • Baby: blanket, clothing, baby toys and small toiletries
  • Spa Day: Lotions, face masks, mani/pedi kits, candle, aromatherapy oils
  • Coffee/Tea Lovers: mug, coffee or tea, cute spoon, biscotti or cookies

Finishing Suggestions

Fill the space of the balloon with:

  • 18" or smaller Microfoil balloon
  • Coloured crinkle cut shredded paper
  • 5" latex balloons

Top with the balloon with:

  • 18" or smaller air-fill Microfoil balloon
  • Balloon collar
  • Twisted latex character
  • Ribbon/Bow
  • Pampas grass, leaves, greenery

Discuss stuffing machine options with your balloon distributor!